Hi, I’m Tommy Boost.

With over 15 years experience in multiple areas of the Dance Industry, I plan to bring my experience, skills and knowledge to you.


Professional Dancer

I originally built my reputation within the international competition circuit, expanding myself further stepping into the commercial world via TV shows and music videos, choreographing and featuring in dance theatre productions, having solo stage shows, multiple cruise contracts and continental tours, even performing to millions worldwide in international opening ceremonies.


Executive Dance


Throughout my dance career coaching has always been an important aspect to me; from teaching within community sessions to becoming head of urban dance at a reputable dance school, building my coaching credentials academically to leading international workshops.


Leading to coaching students nationally and internationally; not just teaching dancing physicals and fundamentals but passing on all my knowledge of succeeding in dance as a career in it's multiple "industries" and understanding the mentality needed to achieve success.

Dance Industry Consultant

As my skills and experiences both within and outside the dance industry have developed, I have frequently been approached to offer Dance Industry Consultancy. Through Event and Competition Management to Strategic Marketing and Social Media Marketing, Stage Direction and Choreography to Judging dance competitions; all my Skills, Knowledge and Experience are here to direct and guide you through any challenges you may face.

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