Intermediate Classes

Musicality Monday

Musicality is the most essential part of all Dancing, join this one hour session focused on giving multiple understandings and applications of personal musicality for your dance.

Toprock Tuesday

One hour going through Toprock techniques.

This session will focus in on Toprock foundations, Variations, "Teks", Drops, Concept training, Drills and more!

Midweek Powermoves

This session will be an in depth breakdown of a variety of Powermoves lasting an hour. It will focus on technical training methods of Powermoves, Drills, Variations, Concepts and more!

Freeze Thursday

An hour indepth Freeze focused session, from ground freezes to airfreezes, transitions to variations, everything Freeze related will be covered.

Footwork Friday

This hour long Footwork session will go through a large variety of Footwork Foundations, Variations, Drills, Training concepts and more!

Saturday Drills

This one hour Drills session will compose of Toprock, Footwork, Freezes, Powermoves and Musicality Drills, with a detailed explanation of why each drill will become important within Breakin.

Weekend Workout

This workout session will use Toprock, Footwork, Freezes, Powermoves and Musicality Drills to create a unique, beneficial one hour workout for your Breakin - with explanation of it importance for your Breakin.


1 Session -  £5

3 Sessions -  £12      SAVING 20%

Week pass -  £21     SAVING 40%

* Please state the sessions you wish to book in the subject