Kids Classes

These classes have been specially developed to run for 40 minutes to match the children's creative engagement spans and energy levels. 

Magic Monday

Musicality is the most essential part of all Dancing, join this session full of dancing, fun and games designed to improve your childs ability dancing to any music.

Wicked Wednesday

Wicked Wednesday session uses Toprock, Footwork, Freezes, Powermoves and Musicality from Breakdancing to create a fun filled session for all children.

Fun Friday

Fun Friday is all about having fun with dance! This childrens session has been designed to use a large variety of Foundations, Set Moves and Drills as games put to music!

Weekend Wildout

This wildout session is exactly as it sounds, using a variety of dance move to create a unique, beneficial Wildout Workout for you and your child to have fun while having a little workout boogie.


1 Session -  £5

2 Sessions -  £8      SAVING 20%

Week pass -  £12     SAVING 40%

* Please state the sessions you wish to book in the subject