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Collaborating with Ericca De Lima

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Again with my blessings: During this pandemic I have been blessed to connect with music artists from all around the world; creating unique fusions of art, dance choreography and videography with their music for music promotions and videos.

My latest collaboration project was with Brazilian pop singer Ericca De Lima! I was given the challenge of creating a piece with emphasis on the songs title "Turn the light off". The song for me held a lot of pop energy and passion, with flourishing dance bursts throughout it's chorus', it was this that told me - i want an ignition of light and colour bursting through this video! I ordered a flare as soon as I accepted to jump in on this collaboration, kept it as a surprise for Errica assuring her I've got this!

Location and time, I knew it had to be at night for that pop somewhere with good focused lighting to pick up the colours while holding contrast well, I think the location delivered on that vision. Safe to say the surprise paid off well when Ericca told me it exceeded all her expectations. This is what we created:

Catch "Turn the light off" and the whole Ericca De Lima catalog here:


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Tommy Boost is a Professional Breakdancer, Executive Dance Coach and Dance Industry Consultant from Wales, UK.

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