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Creating with Max Strong

Over the last month or so I have been working with American multi genre music artist Max Strong, Long Island native New York! Together we devised and created a micro music video to act as marketing for his new track Virus! Max Strong's music style doesn't follow the typical trends, he takes hip hop and rock music and clashes them together with horror culture creating unique flows, tones, licks and rhythms; each tracks art uniquely standing alone yet seamlessly fitting together. His albums - journeys taking many roads but an adventure for any listener. "Virus" was the track we decided to focus on, I got an instant connection feeling with the track had so many ideas for it, I probably shoot enough footage to create a whole music video but finally decided on a final cut, I hoped to have incorporated the style and vision of Max Strong's music fused with a rawness of dance and adventure telling. This is what we created:

Catch "Virus" and the whole SDSS Album here:


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Tommy Boost is a Professional Breakdancer, Executive Dance Coach and Dance Industry Consultant from Wales, UK.

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