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Music Video - Helena May

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

For the last year, Helena May and I have been discussing the concept of a dance-led music video for a track on her upcoming album before the album was even completed; which track it was, the feeling of those tracks, video ideas, those have all changed multiple times.

Bringing it together has been a rollercoaster – I was busy on tour, Helena was busy on tour, we were always in different countries, she was busy in the studio recording the album, I was on an advert shoot, mannn even COVID hit – but through the power of Zoom (haha i know, crazy right?) we put our heads together, confirmed the track, set the concept, and then finally started creating the choreography!

Even with Covid slowing the world down we were both very busy, so we just about managed 3 zoom sessions – 3! –and we created the dance; a storytelling of the track through our choreography, each move just seemed to slot together and become one. Creating choreography for this meant complex angles and level changes we use in this dance inspired video (you'll see once it drops) was such a mind battle, having to question camera angles for each movement and position while being defined by our static webcam was so challenging; to create imaginary connection pieces as each we were Zoom rehearsing separately. Knowing it couldn't be tested until the day before was nerve racking, but this was ultimately an extremely self-inspiring and rewarding showcase of determination, collaboration, choreographic ability, creativity and will power. So the day before the main shoot, we had our only "real rehearsal", at first it was a memory test to slot together 3-week of choreo done weeks apart, then it was figuring out the feeling of having an actual connection; that balance of power, grace and trust when working together in movement. Surprisingly, there was very minimal alterations needed and they were mostly additions to the piece – focus on when to open or close our eyes, how to hold our hand and finger shapes, the sort of details that would probably be unnoticed by the public eye if they weren't changed (haha!).

I was going to include a little video of that rehearsal but I since the track and music video is coming out super soon – January 21st 2021 to be exact! – I think that the full video drop will be worth that little wait!

The track name? Diamond 101! I can't give the Album name away though, it's all a surprise for launch! What I can say is that the track is a funk-fuelled, Pop-inspired story that will captivate anyone that listens to it and I was so happy to be involved in! To pre-order the single

click here and to prepare for the drop you can follow Helena on Youtube here. UPDATE: It has been a week and the track has finally released I have been so excited to share this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxvaNDX4d2E

follow the link and see the end result of this journey!

If you want to listen to Helena May's music you can find it all on:


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