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Working with Stu Gray - Not the one.

During the last month I have been working alongside Musician Stu Gray creating Dance promotions for featured tracks.

Since 1980, Stu's been writing and recording his own material, which in the mid 80's reached modest success in Europe. It's now, after a long rest from music, he is re-recording ALL of his work - ten albums in total. I first collaborated with Stu on his newest track "Chewing gum" which is launching in the near future on Spotify, Youtube, Amazon Music etc. where I created a minute long performance focusing on the building starting section.

Next I created a short promotional video for Stu's song "Not the one" from his album "Youth", this track is an acoustic song with an intro that’s inspiring, uplifting and diverse; it was this intro that I focused on in my video! The track offers a cool and intricate drumbeat kicks in right away, along with the vocals. It's this striking combination of electronic drum samples and acoustic instruments that really give this song a fantastic feel.

Here's the short promotional video I made using the track "Not the one" from Stu Gray's Album "Youth" -

If you want to hear more of Stu's music and you can find it at:




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Tommy Boost is a Professional Breakdancer, Executive Dance Coach and Dance Industry Consultant from Wales, UK.

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