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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

We've all heard the news: Breaking has been added to the 2024 Paris Olympics, as a Dancer and more so as a Breaker I can biasly say this is absolutely amazing and has been a long time coming!

I'm reading comments from both sides, some good, some bad; but we all have our right to opinion even if it's bias right?! Take the squash players for example, their all kicking off, some even saying its a making a "mockery" of the Olympics, it was actually Michelle Martin that said that, ask yourself why would a legend in the squash world, a multi time world number 1. say that? Is it because he along with the Australian Olympic committee have been lobbying for squash to be featured in the Olympics for many Olympic cycles now? He like all of us is aging, he wants his dream and shot at an Olympic medal before his personal time passes. That's not to say Squash isn't a sport of athletes, as Breaking is equally deserving of that title but to say his personal dreams frustrations are fuelling his bias against breaking somewhat undeservingly.

Let's get down to Breaking now. We have our own internal struggles within "the scene": Is it an artform? Is it a sport? Why not both?! Dance is of course an artform that's undeniable but the levels of athleticism and training that goes into Breaking is on par with Gymnasts and Athletes. The definition of sport is "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." Breaking fits every part of that, while having the addon of being filled with grace, human expression, imagination, beauty and the incorporation of human emotion.

So Paris 2024; opening Friday, 26 July, that gives each country 3 and a half years to get their Breaking competitors ready for hopefully the epitome of Breaking competitions. Red Bull BC one, Battle of the Year, Freestyle Sessions, Outbreak, UK Bboy Championships, R16, Lords of the Floor, there's so many to name but every Breaking competition and community jam and battle events have all lead to this moment in time. As someone who's not just a Breaker but a fan of Breaking itself, I really hope this will be the greatest battle of our time; will lead to the growth of this beautiful culture as well as massively boost the competition level past super human it's currently at.

Let's appreciate the legends of the past that took us to this point and await the awe of the legends of the future who will proudly carry that torch and this culture on!

That said: What do you think of Breaking in the Olympics? Is it an artform or sport? both even?

Are you ready for it? Will you be competing?

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